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Todd Evans

2002 - present

Todd is the northern most member of the outfit, born, raised, and still residing in southeast Michigan. An avid outdoorsman (nature boy) he claims to have been, "wasting his life playing in bands for years", although he wouldn't change a thing.

GWAR, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to hire Todd on as the new "Beefcake the Mighty" in July of 2002, after Casey Orr left. Besides wading through bloody stages dodging rubber monsters, he is also intrumental in coordinating endorsement deals for GWAR.

Continuing his quest to never have to hold down a "real job", he can also be sanctioned for studio sessions, as well as tattoo designs, art pieces, etc., as he admits to also being somewhat of a hack artist. Serious inquirers feel free to contact Todd at evans at Slave Pit Inc dot com to have some artwork done.


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