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YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present

-Hunter Jackson rents a studio in an old Richmond Dairy building, intending to shoot a space pirate movie entitled "Scumdogs of the Universe". He names his studio "The Slave Pit"

-The set for the "Scumdogs of the Universe" movie begins.
-Two costumes are completed and Death Piggy moves to the Dairy building.
-Mike Delaney moves into the Dairy building and names his studio "The Swamp".
-Death Piggy borrows Hunter's costumes and plays two shows as "GWAARGGGH!!!"
-March 25, First "GWAARGGGH!!!" show
-Chuck Varga moves to Richmond and moves in with Delaney.
-October 11, first real GWAR show with plot characters

-GWAR begins playing Richmond regularly.
-Don Drakulich rents studio space in the Dairy building and ultimately moves in.
-Many new artists and bands move into the Dairy building.
-The GWAR band line-up solidifies somewhat.
-Slave Pit, The Swamp, and Don's studio begin prop production for GWAR performances.
-Halloween of that year GWAR performs at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy's (VCU) Shafer Court.
-Hunter moves to Detroit

-Renovations to the Dairy building force many tenants out.
-Prop production moves to a tobacco warehouse a few miles away.
-Hunter returns from Detroit briefly for movie filming.
-Musicians Chris Bopst, Greg Ottenger, and Jim Thompson all quit.
-Slave Pit is soon kicked out of the tobacco warehouse and returns to Don's cramped Dairy space.
-Colette Miller leaves.
-The artists solidify from loose a collaboration to real members of GWAR; consisting of Don Drakulich, Chuck Varga, Mike Bonner, Scott Krahl, Dave Musel, and Dave Brockie.
-New band members are recruited; Dewey Rowell, Steve Douglas, Mike Bishop and Rob Mosby.
-Lisa Harrelson joins.
-The first schoolbus is purchased and local touring begins.
-In August, "Hell-O" is recorded in New York.
-East coast touring begins.
-In October, 801 W. Broad St. is rented as a new Slave Pit
-Band practice space and fabrication shop move in.
-Hunter moves back to Richmond.

-In February, "Hell-O" is released.
-Constant touring begins in support of the release.
-Steve Douglas leaves and Mike Derks joins.
-Lisa Harrelson leaves and Danyell Stampe joins.
-October, the first complete North American tour coast to coast

-Multiple mini-tours this year.
-Danny Black recruited as Slave/Roadie.
-The North American tour aptly named Death Tour 89, begins.
-Rob Mosby leaves and Pete Luchter joins.
-Pete leaves and Jim Thompson temporarily rejoins.
-A second '89 North American Tour begins
-Brad Roberts joins replacing Jim Thompson



YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present



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