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Mike Bishop
1987 - 1993, 1998

Mike Bishop joined GWAR in 1987 in the wake of the mass exodus of older musicians. Mike replaced Chris Bopst as bass player and gave his lifelong nickname, "Beefcake" a new immortal status. During his tenure, Mike played bass on GWAR's first four albums as well as "The Road Behind" EP and the 1999 album "We Kill Everything". Mike also sang lead vocals on many songs and backup harmony on countless others.

Mike can be seen in all of GWAR's longform videos from this timeframe.

During the mid 1990's, Mike toured and recorded with his band "Kepone". In 2003, Mike reunited with fellow GWAR alumni Tim Harriss to form a new band "American Grizzly"

Mike Bonner
1986 - 1998

Mike Bonner first wandered into the Slave Pit during the early days and soon began performing with GWAR. Mike was probably the most recognizable "GWAR-slave" and was the first to play such a character, creating it out of necessity. Mike went on to play countless other victims and monsters live as well as becoming an important costume fabricator in the Slave Pit shop. Mike toured extensively with GWAR during his years of involvement and can be seen in all of GWAR's live, and longform videos from that period.

Dave Musel

1986 - 1999

Dave Musel already held a BFA in sculpture before coming to VCU for his MFA. Quickly falling in with the burgeoning art movement, Dave lent his craftsmanship and technical skill to the cause. After initially playing a few character roles on stage, Dave withdrew to a more comfortable "Man behind the scenes" position. Dave's abilities in a variety of materials, such as wood and metal, helped round out the Slave Pit shop, whose other artists were weaker in those areas. For years, Dave was relied on by many of the other artists as an informal technical advisor.

Dave's pioneering use of a keyboard for live samples greatly improved the overall professional sound of the group. It was this position that Dave held until leaving the group in 1999 to pursue his own fabrication career.

Dave now travels the country working for, and with well known sculptors in locales from Chicago to Chattanooga.

Casey Orr

1994 - 1998, 1999 - 2002

Casey Orr joined GWAR in 1994. He was brought in to replace Michael Bishop as bass player and character of "Beefcake the Mighty". Casey was well known already to many for his involvement with early horror metal band "Rigor Mortis" and the Ministry side project "Revolting Cocks". Casey fit in instantly and began not only playing bass in GWAR, but also lead vocals in "X-Cops".

Casey's bass playing can be heard on "Ragnarok", "Carnival of Chaos" and "Violence Has Arrived" He toured with GWAR for the entire length of his involvement, except for a brief interlude in 1998. Returning from Texas in 1999, Casey rejoined GWAR. He toured and recorded with the band all the way until the fall of 2002.

Casey has since returned to Texas and is currently touring and recording with Burden Brothers, The Hellions, and Speeddealer as well as striving to revive "Rigor Mortis". The rest of his time is spent with his new family.

Zach Blair

1999 - 2002

Zach took over where Pete Lee left off as Flattus Maximus. Zach has been involved with many projects including Hagfish, Armstrong, Mag Seven, Burden Brothers, and The Hellions.

Zach's guitar styles weigh-in and greatly influenced the direction on GWAR's "Violence Has Arrived".

Zach, also a Texan, soon returned home along with Casey to continue their own projects.


Pete Lee

1992- 1998

Pete Lee began playing guitar for GWAR in 1992. He became the second person to perform as the character "Flattus Maximus" Pete's guitar playing can be heard on three GWAR albums "This Toilet Earth", "Ragnarok", and "Carnival of Chaos". Pete also played on the "X-Cops" album "You Have the Right to Remain Silent"

After surviving a life threatening injury during a 1993 carjacking incident, Pete's health was very delicate. Pete continued to perform and tour with GWAR as well as X-Cops, until it was unhealthy for him to do so.

Dewey Rowell

1987 - 1991

Dewey Rowell began playing guitar for GWAR in the spring of 1987. Upon joining the group he assumed the character name "Flattus Maximus", a character created by the group especially for him. At the time of his joining the group Dewey was already a veteran of several well known touring bands, namely White Cross and Unseen Force.

From the time of his joining the group until his departure Dewey contributed heavily to the musical aspect of GWAR. His playing style is noticeable on GWAR's first two albums, "Hell-O" and "Scumdogs of the Universe", and felt even on the next two "America Must Be Destroyed" and "This Toilet Earth" even thought he did not play on those.

In addition to recording, Dewey toured with the GWAR for the entire time of his involvement. Dewey is also featured as Flattus in GWAR's first long form video "Live from Antarctica"

Leaving Slave Pit and GWAR to form his own construction company, Dewey remained close to the group and even helped on the set construction of "Phallus in Wonderland". Dewey now resides in West Virginia.

Steve Douglas

1985, 1987 - 1988

Steve Douglas began playing guitar with GWAR at the very first performance. He departed the fledgling group after their second show. Steve was heavily involved with other Richmond bands, namely Death Piggy and Mudd Helmut and decided to devote more time to them.

When the position for guitar player in GWAR opened up in the spring of 1987, Steve joined the group again, and assumed the role of "Balsac". He performed and toured with GWAR in this capacity until early 1988. Steve also contributed to and recorded on GWAR's first album "Hell-O"

After leaving the group Steve remained an active musician in several bands, including his own band "Log". He currently resides in Richmond and works as a graphic designer.

Tim Harriss

1986, 1998

Tim Harriss played guitar in GWAR for one performance in 1986. He played an unnamed character with a big headdress and a spiked tail. When GWAR needed a temporary guitar player for the 1998 album "We Kill Everything" and subsequent tour, Tim temporarily rejoined and played the "Flattus Maximus" character.

Mike Dunn

1992 - 1997

Mike Dunn first worked with the Slave Pit as a drum tech for GWAR. After touring for several years in this respect, Mike went on to drum for the Texas based band the Skatenigs. After completing several other projects, Mike moved to Richmond in 1994 for full time Slave Pit work and began practicing with the fledgling band X-Cops. From that point until 1997 Mike was the full time drummer for X-Cops as well as well rounded worker in every respect of work at the Slave Pit. Mike is heard drumming on the X-Cops album "You Have the Right to Remain Silent" as well as his scenes as an extra on the long form videos " Skul-hed-face" and "Surf of Syn". Mike currently resides in Denton, TX.

Jim Thomson

1986-87, 1989

Jim Thomson was the second person to play drums for GWAR as the character Hans Orifice. After leaving GWAR, Jim helped form the Salsa band Bio Ritmo and currently is involved in two bands from Dry County Records, Plasmodium and Tulsa Drone.

"One of my fondest memories is playing [in GWAR] nude during a US/Canada summer tour after finding my costume too confining night after night, and occasionally pissing on stage when the moment struck me, and because, how was I to leave the stage during a battle scene with Techno Destructo???"

Danny Black


Danny Black was GWAR's first official roadie. At the time of his joining, GWAR had no touring technical staff. Danny filled this role, and was considered a member of the band until his leaving in 1992. Danny is featured as a crack slave in "Phallus in Wonderland" and one of the four slaves on the back cover of "Scumdogs of the Universe"

Lisa Harrelson

1987 - 88

Lisa Harrelson was the third person to portray the "GWAR-woman" character. She was a touring member of the band for the first year of the "Hell-O" era.


Chris Bopst

Chris played bass for the first two years of GWAR's existence. Although others wore the "Jaws" costume, Chris was the person to name that character, while he played it, as "Balsac".

Greg Ottenger
Greg played guitar early on in GWAR's existence. He portrayed the character "Cornealius Carnage" who was the predecessor of the "Beefcake the Mighty" character.

Mike Delaney
Mike Delaney made props for, and performed with GWAR in the very earliest days. Originally playing the character of the "Execuioner", Mike went on to regularly play the character of "Cardinal Syn". After leaving in 1987, Mike returned to help out on the production of "Skul-hed-face" and the subsequent tour.

Heather Broome
Heather Broome performed with GWAR for the first year. She was the first to play the role of "GWAR-woman" When a second female character was added, her character became known as "The Temptress".

Colette Miller
Colette Miller performed with GWAR for a year in the early days. Her character, the second of two female characters was known as "Amazina". With the departure of Heather Broome, Colette became known as just "GWAR-woman"


Joe Annaruma
Joe sang for GWAR for several months in late 1985-1986. His character was Joey Slutman.

Ben Eubanks
Ben Eubanks was GWAR's first singer. His character was Johnny Slutman.

Russ Bahorsky
Russ Bahorsky played guitar in Death Piggy. Subsequently, Russ played guitar for the first two GWAR performances.

Sean Sumner
Sean Sumner played drums in Death Piggy. Sean also transitioned into drumming for GWAR until the end of 1985.

Adam Green
Adam Green was the Slave Pit in house sound engineer during it's earliest days. During this period Adam mixed sound during GWAR's live performances and also recorded several, if not all, of the band's earliest demos.

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