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Brad Roberts

1989 - present

"At the age of ten, I wanted to quit playing drums, almost as soon as I had started. It was my mother's encouragement to make me finish what I started, that made the difference and allowed the learning and discipline of playing music a passion for me. I find it odd that I've managed to carve out an enjoyable career as a musician over the past fifteen years performing as a prominent creative member of GWAR.

My career accomplishments as an international performing and recording artist include two Grammy nominations, sixteen MTV videos, eight commercially released long form videos, sixteen commercially released albums, five motion pictures, approximately one thousand live performances, and countless television appearances across the world on various variety and music programs.

Currently I have equipment endorsements with GMS Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Promark Sticks, and Evans Drumheads.

So it appears to me that there is no end to my desire to continue performing as a musician in GWAR and well beyond that realm into the future. Below is a detailed list of all of the projects I've appeared on, as well as contact information for work."

-Scumdogs of the Universe- Metal Blade Records
-America Must Be Destroyed- Metal Blade Records
-This Toilet Earth- Metal Blade Records
-The Road Behind- Metal Blade Records
-Ragnarok- Metal Blade Records
-Carnival Of Chaos- Metal Blade Records
-We Kill Everything- Metal Blade Records
-Violence Has Arrived- Metal Blade Records
-Slaves Going Single- Slave Pit Records
-You're All Worthless And Weak- Slave Pit Records
-SFW- A&M Records

-You Have The Right To Remain Silent- Metal Blade Records

-Dick the Lionhearted- O&O Records

Dave Brockie Experience
-Diarrhea of a Madman- Metal Blade Records
-Songs for the Wrong- Metal Blade Records
-Live at Ground Zero- Slave Pit Records

-Universal Soldier II
-SFW- A&M pictures
-Mystery Date- Orion Pictures
-Empire Records- Warner Brothers Pictures

-Live From Antarctica- Metal Blade Video
-Phallus In Wonderland- Metal Blade Video
-Skulhedface- Metal Blade Video
-Tour De Scum- Metal Blade Video
-Rendezvous With Ragnarok- Metal Blade Video
-The Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Penguins- Metal Blade Video
-It's Sleazy- Metal Blade Video
-Ultimate Video GWARchive- Metal Blade Video
-Gwarnage Campaign- Slave Pit Video

-Jerry Springer
-E-Talk Soup
-Good Morning America
-MTV-Beavis And Butthead
-VH-1 Where Are They Now?
-Joan Rivers Show
-MTV- Headbangers Ball
-Much Music

roberts at Slave Pit Inc dot com
P.O. Box 5225 Richmond VA 23220

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