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YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present

-GWAR is signed to Master Records
-European press tour
-Party-GWAR mini-tour
-Slave Pit Incorporated becomes a legal corporation
-April, "Scumdogs of the Universe" recorded
-Costumes completely rebuilt
-May, First European tour
-July, "Scumdogs of the Universe" is released.
-Bob Gorman phases into full time member
-"Live from Antarctica" filmed.
-Completely new stage show built
-Second school bus bought and the first is retired
-September, North American Tour De Scum 90
-Dave Brockie is arrested in Charlotte, NC and the Cuttlefish of Chtulu is confiscated
-Filming for "Mystery Date"

-North American Tour De Scum 91
-June, European Tour De scum 91
-September, Slave Pit Inc. moves to 2010 Chamberlayne Ave.
-Dewey leaves and is not replaced.
-"America Must Be Destroyed" recorded
-October "Phallus in Wonderland" filmed

-February, "Phallus in Wonderland" released
-April, RAWG and Kepone mini-tour
-New stage show built
-Pete Lee is hired as Dewey Rowell's replacement
-May, North American Cam'PAIN' Tour 92
-Danny Black leaves
-July, Oderus and Sleazy appear on MTV's "Headbangers Ball"
-August, European Europe Must Be Destroyed Tour 92
-October, North American Techno Tour 2 92
-Mike Dunn is hired as drum tech

-February, GWAR attends The Grammys
-April, GWAR's fourth album,"This Toilet Earth" recorded
-First GWAR-B-Que at the Slave Pit
-Pete Lee is shot in an attempted carjacking
-July, "Skul-Hed-Face" filmed
-Matt Maguire phases into full time member
-August, RAWG mini-tour
-September, Built new mainline costumes
-October, GWAR Halloween mini-tour
-Mike Bishop leaves
-December, Last Death Piggy performance

-February, Casey Orr joins as Mike Bishop's replacement
-X-Cops become serious band
-New stage show built
-"S.F.W." sessions recorded
-April North American Toilet Earth Tour 94 with X-cops as support
-June. European Toilet Earth Tour 94 with X-cops as support
-September, X-Cops record their only full-length album, "You Have the Right to Remain Silent"
-October, GWAR North American Mid Galactic Wrestling Tour 94
-Don retires from full time touring, remains as shop foreman

-January, "Ragnarok" GWAR's fifth full length album recorded
-Filmed "Surf of Syn" video
-June X-COPS Right to Remain Silent Tour
-August, filmed "Meat Sandwich" video
-September, finished building new live show based on video
-October, GWAR Ragnarok and Roll Tour 95

-January, GWAR Ragnarok and Roll European Tour 96
-March, X-Cops Right to Remain Silent European tour 96
-May, GWAR Tertiary Tornado Tour 96
-Dragon-Con and MetalFest Mini tours
-Oct. GWAR Slaugh-Tour Halloween 96
-Don retires as shop foreman; Bob takes over position
-November, Began building new stage set for live show

-New live show built
-"Carnival of Chaos", GWAR's sixth full length album recorded
-Chuck leaves
-May, GWAR Carnival of Chaos North American Tour 97
-July, GWAR Carnival of Chaos 2nd North American Tour 97
-September, GWAR Carnival of Chaos European Tour 97
-Davis Bradley moves to Richmond, phases into full time artist/Slave
-Built new props for Halloween tour
-October, GWAR Halloween Tour 97
-November, "Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Penguins" video filmed
-Pete Lee leaves

-Danielle moves to Los Angeles
-Casey Orr moves back to Texas to take time off
-New music written as a three piece band
-Bonner leaves
-August, began building new live show and writing new material
-September, Mike Bishop returns temporarily to Beefcake roll
-Tim Harris joins temporarily as Flattus
-October, GWAR Halloween Tour 98
-November, recording of GWAR's 7th full length album, "We Kill Everything"
-December, Slave Pit continues to work on new live show.

-Dave Musel leaves
-Casey Orr returns
-Zach Blair hired as replacement for Tim Harris
-Chris Flynn hired as live replacement for Dave Musel
-"Animal" video shoot
-April, "We Kill Everything" released
-May, GWAR GWARmageddon Tour 99
-June, GWAR GWARmageddon 2nd Tour 99
-September, early filming for "It's Sleazy" video
-October, GWAR GWARmageddon Halloween Tour 99
-November, "It's Sleazy" long form video filmed
-December, Misfits/GWAR Christmas Tour 99


2010 Chamberlayne Slave Pit

Matt Maguire with Balsac shoulder pads

Posing with the Flesh Column

Marquee with X-Cops and GWAR

YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present


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