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YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present

-January, GWAR GWARmageddon European Tour
-Casey and Zach back in Texas
-RAWG, again a three piece, begin playing as DBE
-DBE becomes DBX and records first full length album "Diarrhea of a Madman"
-Hunter moves to Philadelphia
-Matt moves to Atlanta
-Bob moves to New York
-1999 line up plus Don Drakulich and Chuck Varga reunite for Halloween tour
-Oct. GWAR Halloween Tour 2000
-Danielle back in LA, Bob back in NYC, Matt back in Atlanta
-Hunter leaves group

-Dave, Derks, and Brad performing as DBX and begin writing latest GWAR material
-Casey and Zach in Texas begin writing GWAR material
-April, Complete band together arrange songs for new album
-DBX Diarrhea Tour 01
-May, Danielle Stampe's Girly Freakshow Tour 01
-July, "Violence Has Arrived" GWAR's 8th full length album recorded
-September, DBX Diarrhea 2nd Tour 01
-2010 Chamberlayne Avenue sold, new owners allow Slave Pit to stay temporarily
-Davis Bradley and Scott Krahl begin work on costumes
-October, Bob and Matt return to Richmond, begin work on new live show
-November, Girly Freakshow 2nd Tour 01

-January, GWAR Blood drive Tour 02
-March, GWAR Blood Drive 2nd Campaign Tour 02
-May, Slave Pit artists lecture at Rhode Island School of Design
-June, "Immoral Corrupter" video shoot
-Yard of 2010 Chamberlayne taken over by new owner.
-Casey and Zach leave
-August, DBX Tour 02
-Front of 2010 Chamberlayne building/offices taken over by owner
-September, Cory Smoot hired to replace Zach as Flattus and Todd Evans hired to replace Casey as Beefcake
-New props built for Halloween tour
-Danielle returns for Halloween tour
-October, GWAR Halloween Tour 02

-January, Big middle room of 2010 Chamberlayne taken over by owner.
-February, Slave Pit artists lecture and mold making demo at Rhode Island School of Design
-March, DBX records their second full length album, "Songs for the Wrong"
-Musicians move gear to Cory Smoot's studio, Karma Productions
-April, all molds, tools props and costumes moved from 2010 Chamberlayne to new facility.
-July, DBX Song for the Wrong Tour 03
-August, Davis Bradley moves to South Carolina
-October, The Art of GWAR opening at Fuse Gallery in NYC

Slymentra's Girly Freak Show


YEARS 1984 - 1989 YEARS 1990 - 1999 YEARS 2000 - Present


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